Unlock the potential of visual tracking

stage tracking.

Moving Lights control over 3D stage

Any Moving Head

Any type of Moving Head can be used as Followspot. Up to 10 moving lights can be simultaneously controlled and directed on stage performer.

Ultra vide Field of View

Visionspot uses ultra wide angle camera for tracking enabling the tracking on any stage from night clubs to large arenas

No dedicated hardware

Live stream from stage is displayed on a computer screen to the operator who follows the performer with the mouse pointer. Thus the only hardware that is needed is computer and video camera.​

Vision only 3D Tracking

Performer height and stage height are set in centimeters and can be changed during tracking. No sensors are required for tracking over 3D stage.


Indoor 3D Tracking

Visionspot is application for entertainment industry where moving lights are used to track the stage performer. 

Action camera with ultra wide field of view is mounted above the stage and it’s video is streamed on a PC screen. 

Operator sees the stage performer on the screen and follows her/him with a mouse pointer. Based upon a mouse pointer position on the screen moving lights are directed into correct location on the stage.    


Why to choose VISIONSPOT ? 

Vision only 3D Tracking

 Visionspot unique features are:


System supports stage performer height to be set in cm.  


Moving light position correction due to difference in stage height is set in real time and is set in cm. This feature enables definition of layers over video stream that are used for Visionspot automatic stage height correction.


3visionD unique lens distortion model enables Visionspot system to use lenses with ultra wide field of view. This feature enables the system to be implemented in any area, from night clubs to large arenas. 


Ultra wide angle lens

GoPro max Lens Mode and Max Lens Mode 2 are enabling Field of view of 155 or 177 degrees.

Performer height

Performer height is set in centimeters and can be changed during the event.

3D Stage

3D stage is controlled using keyboard. Pressing the key will add or reduce the predefined value in centimeters.

Hardware agnostic

No sensors are used. Visionspot uses PC and Gopro camera.

Any moving head

Any moving head can be used. Configuration procedure for adding new moving head is integrated in Visionspot.

Light console

Visionspot supports standalone work or working with light console.

Fast and Easy Calibration

Vision system with 10 moving heads is calibrated in less then 30 minutes.


Keyboard is used to activate tracking and select moving head, to activate presets and etc...

Easy Scalable

If several stage performers needs to be tracked... just add more Visionspot systems.


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