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Smart Parking
smart city.

One Video stream for People & Traffic Flow, Parking & Traffic Management, Video Surveillance, Data acquisition, and much more ...

Any camera can be used as parking sensor.

Using video stream from existing video cameras is upgrading their functionality. Video camera is now Video and Data source device.

Traffic & Parking Management

Unlimited number of cameras are enabling traffic and parking management over large areas.
System is expandable just by adding more cameras.

Lightning control for green parking

Light intensity level is controlled when person is detected. Vehicle and animals will not activate light intensity control.

Metadata vs Video Stream

System is GDPR compatible since only detected objects metadata are transferred from EDGE devices over internet.

Why a Video Sensor is

Smart choice for Smart City

Video camera is the richest data sensor. It captures people, vehicles, boats, pets, in short … it captures the humans surroundings. 

Visual Sensor is detecting objects in video stream and it’s geo tagging them. Metadata stream from visual sensors can be used for traffic management, parking management, people flow and any data analysis for a city planning. This real time data is stored in one place so that Parking Management application is accessing real time metadata of vehicles detected in selected area. 

Application for Light Intensity control will access real time metadata of a persons detected is selected area.


Digital Twin 

Geo tagging objects detected in Video Stream and displaying them on a map.

3visionD technology uses video stream from any camera, and any number of cameras, to detect objects and determine their locations in a real world. It connects pixels from the image with real world 3D coordinate.

Location data that are gather from large number of cameras can be used in numerous Smart City applications. Detected vehicles  are used for Parking and Traffic applications, detected people are used for City planning and Smart Lightning, and detected Boats are used by Harbor authorities. 

Smart Parking application enables the user to have full control over parking area. It can use any camera and any number of video cameras. It will detect parking violation and parking occupancy. It can also control the level of light intensity based upon detected person on a parking lot. 



Video Camera as Parking Sensor

Vehicles detected in video stream are automatically GEO Tagged.

Metadata stream

Detected vehiclest location is streamed as metadata.

Any camera and any
Number of cameras

Any camera can be integrated in the system.

Parking violation detection

Detecting vehicles in video stream is the only way to detect vehicles in forbidden areas, or vehicles occupying certain area over the approved time limit.

New Functionality to Existing Video Cameras

Adding AI object detection metadata stream on top of the existing video camera video stream is adding new functionality to existing cameras.

Presence based light intensity control

Light intensity control based upon person detection. Vehicles, animals, swaying trees will not activate light intensity control.


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