Unlock the potential of object recognition

Video camera
visual sensor.

3D Location for every object detected in video camera

Digital Twin

Detected object from video stream are integrated into 3D maps in real time.

Traffic & Parking Management

Unlimited number of cameras are enabling management over large areas.

3D Tracking

Tracking object over 3D terrain: Automated height control for indoor tracking.

Hardware Agnostic

Any video camera can be used as visual sensor. It's software technology, and therefore, hardware agnostic.

Vision made Easy

Unlock the potential of object detection.

Video camera is the richest data sensor. It captures people, vehicles, boats, pets, in short … it captures the humans surroundings. 

Vision systems are presented with the same data source as we humans are: How far is the vehicle in front of me? What is the location of that child? Is there a free parking space?

The answer is given by localization service for detected objects that 3visionD technology enables. 

In outdoor scenarios, objects detected from network of cameras are geo tagged and displayed on a map thus enabling the vision system to have real time overview of supervised area from any number of cameras. 

Indoor scenarios are displaying detected object on 3D model or in blueprints. 

This technology is implemented in several different products from Video Surveillance and Stage Performer Tracking to Smart Parking Applications. 


3visionD plugin for Milestone XProtect



Digital Twin 

Geo tagging objects detected in Video Stream and displaying them on a map.

3visionD technology uses video stream from any camera, and any number of cameras, to detect objects and determine their locations in a real world. It connects pixels from the images with real world 3D coordinate.

Location data that are gather from large number of cameras can be used in numerous Smart City applications. Detected vehicles  are used for Parking and Traffic applications, detected people are used for City planning, detected boats are used by Harbor authorities. 

3visionD also offers unique PTZ camera control that enables the operators to be focused on the event that requires attention rather then on PTZ camera control.

Our Products

Products for Video Surveillance, Smart City and Entertainment industry. 

Video Surveillance

3visionD plugin for Milestone XProtect Video Management Software.

Smart Parking

Cloud service that uses video cameras as parking sensors.

Stage Tracking

Application for tracking stage performer with moving lights.

Our Technology

Implementing 3visionD technology in Your products

Real Time Maps

Objects detected in video stream are displayed as icons on a map in real time.

GEO Tagging

In outdoor applications every detected object is GEO Tagged.

Indoor Tracking

Indoor applications are displaying detected objects in Blueprints or in 3D models.

PTZ Camera Automated Tracking

Detected object is automatically tracked with one or more PTZ cameras.

PTZ Camera Control via Mouse Pointer Over Video Stream

Placing a mouse pointer over camera video stream and activating tracking will direct PTZ cameras in that location.

PTZ Camera Control via Mouse Pointer Over a Map

Placing a mouse pointer over a map and activating tracking will direct PTZ cameras in that location.

Visual positioning

Obtaining x,y,z coordinates from video cameras for a robotic guidance.

New Stereo Vision algorithm and Lens Distortion method

For short to long range accurate measurements.

Warehouse vehicles

360 Vision system for industry vehicles and warehouse robots.


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