Intelligent Street Lighting

Video camera as a long range presence sensor

Why Intelligent Lighting?

The energy required to power the 91 million streetlights in Europe represents an energy bill of over EUR 10 billion and results in over 40 million tons of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of 20 million cars) per year. This is to an extent a large waste of resources, in particular when lighting the empty streets when no one is around.

The introduction of intelligent lighting offers several key benefits to a city including environmental, financial, safety and security.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient LED lighting reduces carbon footprint and long term operation costs.

Operations Centre

Real time data feeds directly in to the state-of- the-art operations centre allowing for the manual brightening of lighting when required.


Street disturbances can be monitored using noise detection, with real time CCTV and community safety response.

Movement Detection

Movement sensors allow us to monitor footfall and traffic flow - generating important data to aid in city planning.


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