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Art of Tracking

Tracking objects in multiple camera vision systems  for Stage tracking and Intelligent surveillance applications.

World first Real Time, Real world, XYZ & Geo location tracking in Multi Camera enviroment.

We are developing new and innovative products using our 3D vision methods. Products that have vision systems comprising of any number of cameras.
Tracking the stage performer with moving light, or a video projector and controlling microphones audio levels based on a performer position on stage, are projects that we have done in the past. All of these projects were using single camera as a reference point when tracking a person(s) or an object on stage.
Single camera systems are robust and very easy to setup, but single camera vision systems have their limitations. Limited field of view is big disadvantage in a single camera based, tracking systems. Large stages require camera to be placed away from a stage. Being away from the stage, object for tracking are rather small in camera video stream, therefore they are hard to track in real time.
To overcome these limitations in stage tracking systems we have designed and developed new and innovative multicamera vision system that is implemented in stage tracking system.
This technology has enabled us to go further and implement multiple camera vision for Automated Surveillance Systems, Large Areas Video Surveillance in Smart City applications and multi camera targeting for instant situation awareness on public events, stadiums, etc.

Patent Pending Technology