3D Vision from any Camera

Converting real world in front of the camera to it's true digital representation

New digital camera model

Camera model is a software modul that uses camera and lens physical parameters to:

Connect pixels in image with real world coordinates

Based upon system geometry and camera parameters, for each pixel in the image a coresponding 3D point is calculated. 

Lens Distortion Removal in Real time

Based upon video camera phisical parameters (Horizontal field of View and etc..), distortion matrix is calculated and used to undistort every pixel in distorted image. 

> 98 % Accuracy

98 % accuracy is achived using comercial video cameras (GoPro cameras).


Object distance, width and height

Distance from camera to each object in camera field of view is calculated as well as each object width and height. 


Distance from camera

Based on object distance and angle toward the camera, each detected object current GEO location is calculated.  


3D Image

Outputs 3D image from a single camera.


3D Video Stitching & 3D Video Stitched Output

Enables real time video stitching using any number of cameras.


Video sensor 

for true picture depth

No Time of Flight
No Laser
No Radar 

Accuracy in mm

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