Vision Spot

The only True 3D
Stage Tracking System

Simple & Low
cost solution for any stage

3D Vision Tracking System with Ultra-Wide field of view

Any Type of Moving Light

Any moving light with 16 bits of pan and tilt resolution can be configured and used. 

Ultra wide field of view

GoPro SuperView video mode is suported with real time lens distortion removal.

Full beam control

Pan, Tilt, Zoom  and Focus 16 or 8 bits of resolution are suported.

3D Stage 

Performer height correction is done automatically. Stage 3D height correction is simple and easy to configure. 


Super Talent

Using mouse pointer to track the stage performer 


Vision Spot


Single user licence

2U Rack PC

GoPro Hero 9 Black

X-PRO 3-Way tripod head

Truss Clamp


Logitech MX Master

Vision Spot software

6600 €


Four user licence

2U Rack PC
GoPro Hero 9 Black 
X-PRO 3-Way tripod head
Truss Clamp
5 x Logitech MX Master
Vision Spot PRO software

11900 €

Simple steps

when choosing visual stage tracking system


Can you set Performer Height in Real World coordinates and change that value when required ?

Can you set performer height in meters and change it's value any time during the show? If not, you do not have 3D vision tracking system. You have vision systems that is using pixels instead of meters and therefore it is not real world 3D system that can work with real world coordinates.


Can you use Any Camera with Any Field of View?

If you can not use ultra wide field of view (for example GoPro HERO 9 SuperView) you will have to move your camera away from a stage to have the entire stage in camera field of view. Moving the camera away from a stage makes stage performers less and less visible. If yours vision system can not use any camera with any type of field of view (from narrow to ultra wide) you have a vision system that is hardware dependant.


What type of equipement do you control and how do you control it?

Can you control any moving light? How easy is to integrate new moving light in a system? Can you change the number of moving lights that are used for tracking any time during the show?


What light parameters does your system controls ?

Dimmer, Iris, Zoom and Focus based upon real world distance between each individual light and a stage performer. Full control of the performer height and full control over 3D stage. 


What is the price of you tracking system?

And what is included in system price?

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