Visual Spot

Intelligent Light Control

Tracking a stage performer was our first product. It all started as a page 31 of Catalogue of Innovative Projects from Croatia 2012. Hrvoje Bilić have designed and develop Spotrack system that was using single camera and single operator to track a single person on stage with up to 20 moving lights. During the years Spotrack have set a standard for visual tracking systems in entertainment industry.

But the Spotrack system, as all vision-based systems, had two major drawbacks. Narrow field of view is limiting it's usage on large stages, and it does not have true 3D integration. Like all vision systems, Spotrack is using pixels instead of centimetres and this is limiting 3D integration.  

After the spinoff from Spotrack project, Hrvoje Bilić have design new system from a ground up, a system that enables the usage of ultra-wide lenses in real-time stage tracking. System design includes novel lens distortion removal model that has enabled usage of camera with ultra-wide field of view. This feature have enabled video camera to be placed at the back of the stage in contrast to FOH truss, meaning that mounting the camera and calibrating the system is simple and fast, and it is done from the ground.  

Real time lens distortion removal technology have brought a second key difference compared to all tracking systems, and that is true 3D integration without the use of additional hardware. Using only video camera performer height and stage height are expressed in centimetre’s and system height (performer + stage height) is set via keyboard, mouse wheel, or a shuttle input device.   

System offers a following set of automated controls: 
    Pan & Tilt
    Automated height correction
    True 3D integration
    Remote ON/OFF for each moving light
    ... and much more.

All this features brings Visual Spot in spot light. Visual spot is the only visual system that integrates all followspot features without the use of any additional hardware (tags, transmitters, ets), making it the most cost efficient remote followspot solution on the market.. 

Easy to use, simple in design and low in cost - from Theatre to Stadium - Simply the best. tracking solution

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