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PTZ control

Several PTZ cameras can be instantly directed in any area seen by the panoramic camera, for instant situation awareness.

Tracking a person in crowded spaces of such as stadiums, shopping malls, city centres using one PTZ camera is very demanding job for security officer. Using two or more cameras to track a person is job that humans simply can not do. This was also the job that machines couldn’t do.
Our technology lays foundation for large area scanning and person searching using AI face recognition technologies.

One of multicamera system advantages is that person or group of people will be zoomed in and tracked from different camera positions so that person(s) face is detected instantly.

In surveillance applications multicamera system will automatically detect a person and it will automatically zoom in for face detection and recognition. This functionality extends the limit for AI algorithms simply by zooming in on a person.

Multicamera tracking are bringing more interaction in surveillance systems. If a child is lost in shopping mall, child wearing white shirt and blue trousers can be set as search criteria in video surveillance system. All of the PTZ cameras will be set to scanning mode, scanning entire mall. Each person that wears white shirt and blue jeans, that is less then 150 cm will be detected and zoomed in.