Smart Video Surveillance

Future of Video Surveillance

Large, outdoor and remote areas and facilities are hard to secure.

Nevertheless, there is no compromise when it comes to security of important facilities.

3visionD Perimeter guard video surveillance is designed to maximize security with unparalleled reliability and with optimized cost.

How it works?  

Perimeter guard is designed to create one field of view of secured area using multiple cameras and other sensors.

System offers advanced alarm criteria options. It differentiates objects by size and movement and ignores “usual noise “caused by wind, rain, insects, snow etc…

When intrusion or other unwanted efivent is recorded, system points all PTZ cameras on the alert point and automatically zoom and track the detected object.

It also display position and movement direction on the map (user map or google maps).

System can respond to the alarm according to customer needs.

Perimeter guard key features: 

  • Long Range - High Resolution motion detection
  • One field of view of all cameras – no new alarm when object is moving between cameras 
  • Display position on the Google map in real time 
  • Automatic or manual control of PTZ cameras – „point on the map and click“
  • Virtual patrol – inspect all areas covered by PTZ camera by moving mouse on the map
  • Controlling PTZ cameras using Live Video Feed – just click on the picture detail and point and zoom the camera for detailed inspection
  • Network data friendly – from 5M/sec 
  • Smart video analytics – it will detect objects  

System is scalable to any area size and it will integrate your existing equipment, combine best, and cost efficient solution for your needs.

It will reduce the number of security officers per site and enable multiple site management, reducing the cost. 

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