Intelligent Street Lighting

Video camera as a long range presence sensor

Video cameras and 3visionD algorithm are used as long range motion detection for presance aware smart lightning.

Manage the illumination level from minimum or maximum based on the presence of the pedestrian and traffic.  

Manage individual lamp or lamp clusters.  

Detection range for persons and vehicles: 

        60 meters (30 meters from a light pole at 4 meters pole height).   

        80 meters (40 meters from a light pole at 6 meter pole height) 

Smart Light Controller is a Linux based SoC that is based on 3visionD technology for tracking persons in a camera field of view. It supports WiFi network, IoT Network, sensors array and image capturing.  

Smart Light Controller is IoT and Smart city ready, where one camera is video sensor for the street lightning management and can be used by the police for a City security, or for traffic management, or parking availability. The possibilities are numerous.

Smart light control brings 35% energy saving on a LED lightning and more than 80% cost reduction when a conventional lightning is used. 

Smart Lightning Controller is environmentally neutral since it does NOT use any light/radio/ultrasound emitting technology for the detection. Simple design ensures reliability, simple installation, maintenance, and very competitive cost.

It is very friendly to integrate to all existing systems.

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