Smart Drive

Next Logical Step

Smart Drive takes full advantage of 3visionD technology. Video camera used as LIDAR have enabled vision system to have full scene understanding. Where a vehicle is going and what are the objects in its path. System, as a LIDAR does not recognize and classify objects, it detect objects, their position relative to camera, their distance from camera and their dimensions. If object needs to be recognized, just like in LIDAR based systems, AI will be included in a system.

Real time video stitching have solved the limited field of view problem that single camera vision systems have.

One technology that have not been mention here, but makes the foundation of multicamera vision technology is a lens distortion algorithm. 3visionD technology removes any distortion from camera.

Only video camera without distortion and with linear relationship between real world in front of the camera and it's digital representation can be used in multisensor applications where data from radar is overlapped with a data from video cameras. This feature unlocks video cameras to be integrated with all other sensors used in drive applications. Radar and a front facing camera will calculate distance and position of the object in front of the vehicle when used in integrated sensor platform applications.

3visionD technology offers three major improvement to vision systems:

1. Video camera used as LIDAR.

2. Multicamera Real Time Video stitching that solves the problem of limited field of view

3. Multilayered vision systems that combines different types of cameras and different type of sensors in one-vision systems. Integration platform.

4. Lens distortion effect is solved.

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