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Limitless Vision with Multi Camera systems


Outdoor Surveillance using GPS coordinates

Displaying data on a GEO map is the usual way to inform the user about the event. Most all of the Network Operating Centres have GEO map as a basic user interface. Our technology is the only technology GEO tags every moving object in a camera field of view.  


Automated Pan, Tilt and ZOOM

Automated tracking of moving object is our speciality. Any object in any camera field of view can be tracked with any number of cameras. This function will become standard in video surveillance system in a same manner that remotely controlled followspots have become standard in entertainment industry after the design of Spotrack system.
Automated control of zoom is our system unique feature. System is calculating required amount of zoom for the each PTZ. Automated control of the zoom is the important key in PTZ camera control. 


Multi Camera Tracking

Equivalent to stage tracking system, visual surviellance tracking systems can direct several cameras in one moving object for real time multicamera tracking.
If a several PTZ cameras are used in video surveillance of one area, alarm activation in that area will automatically direct and zoom in, all of the cameras from that area in required position.
Furthermore, system can be manually operated by the security officer, when manual search is required, for virtual tour of outside area. 


Any IP Camera, Any Number of Cameras

System uses camera and and lens parameras for object detection function when camera is used as motion detection sensor. 
Any PTZ camera can be used for automated object tracking. Our multicamera system uses GPS coordinates or xyz coordinates to direct the PTZ cameras.

* Only Axis PTZ camera are suported, upon request other cameras can be included in the system  


PT Thermal Imagining 

Automated object tracking with PT Thermal cameras for the most reliable person detection system on the market. In high security applications thermal cameras on PT platform is used as additional criteria.
Our open based platform can integrate any people (or object) detecting technology this reducing the number of false alarms. 


Multi Camera vs Panoramic Camera

Multiple cameras are next step in panoramic imagining systems. Area for supervision is covered with any numbers of cameras. Multiple cameras are cost efficient solution since they are covering area of interest and not all area.

Multicamera systems are covering the area in more intelligent, user oriented way.


Any camera field of view and any camera lens

Our method for lens distortion effect removal defined in our patent pending application have enabled us to use wide angle for high accuracy detection and tracking.


Smart City

Smart city application will detect all moving objects, classify them and send their GEO coordinates in NOC. NOC will display data about traffic, people flow and ships in a harbour in real time. For this, data transfer of 5Mbit/s is needed from one pole to NOC. Video cameras are used a motion detector and they output is meta data containing GEO data of every moving object. As a first error removal criteria, dimensions and position are used. Multicamera systems are creating platform for street light control systems based on a detected person.


Indoor Surveillance

Indoor surveillance will count people in supervised area and track they movement. It will automatically detect a car entering warehouse and record it’s licence plate.
Indoor surveillance can do a lot more, it can alert humans about moving machinery or alert the staff in nursing homes. All this is enabled just by using video camera as a motion detection sensor.
In application where people privacy is priority, video sensor is the only technology that outputs tracking data in form of geo data, therefore fully compliant to GDPR guidelines.


Integration platform

Multicamera technology present one integration platform for all location based service. Tracking assets that has a gps tag.
Tracking people in multicamera environment.
Integrating smartphone location services.