Autonomous Drive

3D Vision for Real-Time Drive Systems

Video Camera as LIDAR

Our unique 3D Vision technology is using video camera to:

  • Calculate the distance from camera to all objects in a camera field of view
  • Calculate the dimensions of every  object
  • Create real time panoramic view from any number of cameras
  • True Vision - Object detection does not require AI or Dataset

Object distance, width and height

Distance from camera to each object in camera field of view is calculated as well as each object width and height. 


Inovative & Unique technology 

Our technology uses camera as a LIDAR. It can use several cameras as LIDAR for a true 360 - 3D view in real time.


Vision Guided Forklifts & Robots

3D image map in real time and object detection using only vision system.  


ONE Integration platform

Video camera is now used as a measuring sensor and can be integrated along other sensors (ultrasound, laser distance meters, thermal cameras & etc. )

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