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3D at pixel level

Using two cameras we can calculate any 3D point coordinates in cameras field of view. Adding thermal camera we can determine if human is in cameras field of view, or forest fire in long range thermal cameras. This feature enables long range intelligent vision using different type of cameras.

We are specialist in PTZ camera targeting using fixed placed video cameras. Automated fire detection is one of the applications where multiple camera systems show more advantages compared to any other system.
Use of Visual Sensors or panoramic cameras for area coverage.
Video feed from panoramic cameras is input for AI fire detection algorithm.
Video analysis and AI fire tracking algorithm is performed on site.
Fire detection algorithm is installed on On-site computed, and there is no need for video link between site and fire supervision centre. AI fire detection algorithm is working locally, and when it detects pixel behaviour that corresponds with early fire behaviour, PTZT (Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Thermal) camera is directed in that area for zoom and thermal imagining. If temperature measurement confirms AI fire detection, remote supervision centre is alerted.
Video link between remote site and supervision centre is replaced by e-mail images.
Once fire is detected, image from site is sent to supervision centre. There is no need for any data transfer during normal (no fire) operation. When fire is detected, only few images from site is needed in supervision centre to confirm fire detection.
Automated fire detection means that only the information that fire is detected is transferred from site to supervision centre and nothing else. 50 local sites does not mean 50 video feeds to supervision centre, it means no data transfer until fire is detected or user is requested.