3D Imagining

Limitless Real Time 3D imagining

Capturing 3D images or a 3D Video is our core business. Our technology is hardware independent meaning that we can use any camera and any number of cameras for 3D imagining.

When camera is fixed, we use only one camera for 3D image capturing, like in video surveillance application. 

With moving camera, we use multiple cameras for 3D image. Mounting position of the cameras is voluntary, to secure best possible coverage of the space in front of the camera. This is applicable for drive applications.

Only images, camera and lens parameters are required for 3D capture of all objects in camera field of view. Distance from camera, object relative position and object dimensions are calculated for each detected object in front of the camera. 

Advantages vs. present solutions are numerous:

  • Long range vision
  •  Works with any camera 
  • 2,5 mm accuracy at 10 meter distance with HD resolution
  • Outputs metadata, less processing and data transfer
  • Easy to integrate in existing systems
  • Simple to install and use

Simple, fast and robust 3D image capture in real time.

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